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Our Story

About Renegade Active Dogs

In 2018 our founder was involved in educating greyhounds. The lack of lure machines to assist in getting ultimate results was the driver for him to design his very first machine, these basic machines were then offered to fellow trainers to assist in reaching amazing results. From building just a dozen or so as a hobby, the seed was planted.

Fast forward to 2020, it was time for an exit plan from the training world, as this was the 20th year in doing such daily tasks, it was time to take the leap and go all in on these lure machines. But they needed a name, and that when the R480 R525 and R610 were born. At this stage they were still only aimed at greyhound trainers, but the odd pet owner would also invest in one to keep their dogs fit and healthy.


This gave birth to the idea that perhaps more pet owners would benefit from such machines, but because the machines were one speed systems, a new device would have to be designed and built, one more aesthetic and must have full speed control . This would lead to the current hexagon shape cases that are by far the best looking machines on the planet, and also a fully waterproof case was added too, both with full speed control, and new names were created to help promote to coursing clubs and their members, and falconry trainers, whippet trainers, and even cheetah trainers from Africa have all invested in one or more of our new range. 

This move quickly paid dividends, with sales soring and people from many countries from around the world were placing orders! Now dog training was in the past, building dog lure machines was a fulltime job! And by the end of 2023, we had sold over 1500 machines to 37 countries in just over a 3 year period. 

Today, in 2024, Renegade Active Dogs still offers cutting-edge design and engineering in equipment designed to enhance the performance of dogs in various competitive events such as greyhound racing, Fast CAT & DOG, coursing, and whippet racing, as well as for the general fitness of pet dogs. Their high-quality walker machines are suitable for both serious dog enthusiasts and professional trainers, coming with a 2-year warranty.


We also provide add-ons and spare parts to make courses more challenging and to reward dogs. Furthermore, Renegade Dog Sports promotes four main canine lure coursing sports worldwide, catering to different breeds and encouraging participation through clubs. Additionally, the Renegade Blog offers valuable information on products, training methods, and canine sports.

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Our Customers

We are proud to have served thousands of customers worldwide. Our products have received great reviews from dog owners, professional trainers and coursing clubs. We are grateful for their trust and loyalty.

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