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What Is Interval Training For Dogs?

To explain interval training is very simple. It's an increase in intensity followed by a decrease in intensity with little to no rest between the work and the rest periods. This kind of training gets your dogs' heart rate up then brings it down to get their muscles ready for strength or endurance exercises.

But why would you do it with dogs? Well, because its fun for the dog which improves mental health and confidence, and it's very fulfilling for them... a happy dog is a high performing dog! And via regular work, it'll get them super fit. The end goal will come through repetition, which could be as simple as getting the dog to chase better.



To do interval training is also very simple, but so many people don't use it nearly enough. It can be applied to various locations, so that shouldn't be an excuse not to use this method to increase your dogs fitness, speed and tenacity.

It can be in sprint lanes, at a slipping track, a straight track, or even at the local oval or park. But if you have a large enough yard, that will do just fine too.


Some interval training definitions for dog fitness training are sprints over 100 meters (or yards), with these work periods broken up with 2 minutes of rest, or six-minute work periods interspersed with two-minute rests. Most dog fitness trainers will apply their methods to give the dog time to recover before the next set of dog fitness exercises.

Interval dog fitness training is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape while having fun with your dog. 

This type of dog fitness training allows you to build up the dogs speed and endurance without overworking or putting too much strain on your dog.

For serious trainers, an investment in a canine lure machine is the best way to get the most out of any dog. A canine lure machine allows you to create your own dog fitness training program, and with speed control you can really get the full benefit of interval training, depending on the model and options you choose.


In addition to the above benefits, you can also do interval training and box work at the same time! Add a single starter box to a straight track, or even in some sprint lanes, then do 70-100m jumps outs. You'll create an all-round athlete, and a highly focused and tuned animal, one that will gain the required skills to give it their all, and to reach the limit of what they were born with, and leave nothing on the table or in the tank! 

Once fit and chasing, you might have a serious coursing or race dog on your hands!

Stop delaying, get your Renegade system now! Order here, it'll be the best training aide you have ever invested in, do doubt what so ever! 

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