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SUITS A LIGHT RAIL OR BULLRING! Greyhounds and Whippets.




The railRACER MINI was designed to be an agile yet robust machine, suited to those with either a bullring or straight short trackup to 250m, add your own timing system and you'll have your very own mini trial track!


No more needing 2 people to do bullring work. And no more getting sock and dizzy from manually pushing the lure around the tight circle. You'll have full-speed control, forward reverse, and brake! 


No more traveling and barring the costs of fuel and trials, plus the dogs will benefit from less travel and more work. Add you own starting and do box work, with jump-outs and short sprints, or just create a race type situation and load them up and run all of the way!


Suitable to run up to 2 dogs at once. So run public or private trials, or just keep this your own unfair advantage over other owners, breeders and trainers! 



  • Hand-built metal enclosure, suits all weather conditions. 
  • Single or twin motor depending on your rail setup.
  • Highly responsive electronic braking system.
  • Forward and reverse go at the same speed of 0-70KPH
  • Full speed control remote, trigger operated up to 250m
  • 4 easy to change guide wheels
  • Hot-Swap battery, changeover in less than a minute!
  • 36v Battery and charger included (more can be added for $300ea)
  • Up to 2-3 hours runtime (depends on how you use it) 
  • Volt meter display with temp gauge onboard the machine
  • Easy to install, takes less than 3 mins with 1 person. 
  • Standard arm included with faux fur. 
  • 2-year Warranty on all parts and labour. 
  • Ongoing VIP Support 


Suits rail systems up to 10mm thick, 8mm is the minimum for this model and up to 100mm wide. Contact us to discuss this further if need be. or 0433899884


Price includes freight anywhere in Australia. Loaded in a hard plastic case with hand and wheels for ease of movement to and from your track. This along with all included items are packed onto a small pallet, its a 1 person lift, roughly 20kgs. 


Allow 3-6 weeks for this build to be completed, perfection takes time! 

railRACER MINI Greyhound Bullring Or Short Track Lure



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